Monday, November 9, 2009

Accident on the Freeway

Have you ever seen an accident that was so horrific it brought you to tears instantly??

On the way to church yesterday morning, the girls and I saw the most horrific accident on the opposite side of the freeway.

You could see the flashing lights quite a ways away, but the flashing lights didn't prepare you for what you'd see once you got closer...

It was a sedan, four door car, that must have flipped and rolled and managed to wrap itself around a palm tree on the shoulder of the freeway.

There were three firetrucks, an ambulance, and multiple highway patrol cars. The accident had just happened ten minutes earlier (I discovered that later in the day after checking the local newspaper website), and the freeway was just starting to back up.

When ever the girls and I are in the car and we pass by an accident, I just start praying for the person, the family, the emergency response team, etc. But this one was so bad, I broke into tears while I was praying out loud. It was BAD.

The freeway was still stopped two hours later on my way home from church. To avoid some of the traffic, I got off and made my way on side streets to one of the side streets across the freeway. By then the ambulance was gone, and the car was no longer hugging the palm tree, but was sitting folded in half on the shoulder/slow lane of the freeway.

After researching the local newspaper today, I learned that there was a 26 year old male that was killed as a result of the accident. I knew there wasn't a chance of anyone walking away from that accident, it'd be by the very grace of God if anyone had survived...


Leah said...

What a tender heart you have! Doesn't it leave you emotionally wiped out when you see something like that? Ya just can't get it out of your mind! I, too, pray when I hear sirens because I know SOMEbody's in trouble and needing help.

♥Mimi♥ said...

Each and every time I see an accident I say a prayer for the injured and for the families of those involved. Tragedy can strike any one of us at any moment. I would hope that others would see my distress and say a prayer for me.


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