Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Working in the Classroom

At Back to School night last week, I talked with both the teachers about parent volunteers in their classroom. Mrs. Maingot, Rachel's teacher gave me a couple days she welcomes volunteers. I chose Mondays. When I dropped off Rachel at school yesterday, she asked if I'd be staying to help, and while I really didn't think she'd actually want me for a couple of weeks, of course I stayed!

I know I say this after every time of working in a class, or even when I subbed at the preschool, but man, teachers are such special people. The amount of patience they have is amazing.

Rachel's class has twenty kids. Some well behaved. Some not well behaved. Some that listen. And some that don't listen. Some that follow directions the first time given and some that don't. Thankfully Rachel was one of the better kids.

I sat at the back table, working on the projects that the teacher gave me, learning and listening to how their daily schedule works. Listening and becoming annoyed at the little boy who made constant sound effects while he worked on coloring all the triangles on his paper. The teacher got after several of the kids quite a few times. They are all still learning what's expected of them and the routine.

And on the other hand, the kids were funny! The teacher was talking about something and the little boy pipes up with "You mean we have to come here EVERY day?!?!" LOL. Needless to say, they are getting used to what the rest of their life will be like for at least the next twelve years.

At any rate, teachers aren't given enough credit or appreciation. It's a job I sure I wouldn't have the patience and endurance for!


Joy Howse said...

Love the little boys honesty. :)

I am hoping to work in Alexis' class this year as well but it all depends on childcare and subbing so I wasn't able to sign up for a specific day each week. I wish I had that liberty. Never even had it with Andrew since Alexis was exactly one week old when he started Kindergarten (though she could go with me and nap in her carseat while I worked). i really think teachers should make a book about all the funny things kids say. My best friend had a kid in her class (4th) say the other day (they were told to come up with a sentence using the contraction for I will), he said, "I'll need therapy someday." No joke kid, me too. :)

Darcy said...

Joy - that is too, too funny about that little boy.


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