Friday, August 14, 2009

This and That

I don't know about the rest of the world, but to me, this week has FLOWN by! I'm pretty sure it's because of all the running I'm doing these days, but seriously, it's already the middle of August and if the weeks keep flying by like this one, the holidays will be upon us in no time.

I think we're all adjusting to being back at school, on a more structured routine and schedule. Rachel seems to have adjusted okay to going to school five days in a row. She's still bouncing out of bed in the mornings, getting dressed, and cooperating. Hannah is adjusting to life as a 4th grader. She's learning to be more responsible in writing down homework assignments completely and clearly, and loves the stories her teacher tells throughout the day. I've heard that one of the other 4th grade classes is full of drama and I'm so glad Hannah isn't in that class, there's enough drama going on around here. LOL.

I'm adjusting to having both my children in Elementary School. It's weird. But it's life. The three hours a day of no children home every day of the week sure makes for an extremely quiet house! I'm trying not to spend too much time during that time on the computer. I have a list of things I'd like to accomplish and not waste away the free hours of everyday. The running back and forth to school three times a day sure takes a toll. I've been extremely exhausted this week and I think it's all just part of getting up and out early every day and running back and forth to school. Might have to think about talking to the Master of the house about dropping the girls off at school one day a week or something.

This will be the first school year that I've not been Hannah's class Room Mom. She's in a class where there are far more proactive Mothers than me and way more desiring of that control, and I don't need it or desire it, so more power to them! I do however, like the Mom that was chosen to be our Room Mom, she's easy to work with. We've put together a committee of five moms to start brainstorming ideas for fundraising just in our class alone. There is a killer over night field trip on a Tall Ship towards the end of the year and we need to raise about $3400. It'll be nice to be involved in that way for Hannah's class.

I was officially notified in writing this morning, although a little birdie had told me last week, in addition to the teacher requesting me, that I am the Room Mom for Rachel's Kindergarden class. That's exciting to me. They still do some fun stuff at the lower grade levels and it'll be fun to head it all up.

I'm not sure there's ever been a time that I've been so thankful it's Friday. Two days of no running back and forth. In fact, other than a party at Jumping Jacks tonight, we have nothing on the books for the rest of the weekend. Although it would be nice to attend a night of The Harvest Crusades, but I'd want to go tonight to see Third Day or on Sunday night for woship with Chris Tomlin, but that's a school night. So we'll just stay close to home and rest and prepare for the week that is coming...

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