Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fund Raising

In addition to the school wide fundraisers that will begin sometime in the next month, Hannah's class needs to raise funds. This morning a committee of moms met to discuss possible ways of fund raising for our 4th grade class.

In order to go on the overnight field trip on a Tall Ship in April, and a bus ride to the local mountains for some earth science observations, we need to raise about $4000.

We have a good list of ideas started, and one Mom will be meeting with the teacher on Friday after school to go over our ideas and get her input. And then hopefully, our first fundraiser will be the first week of September.


Joy Howse said...

Movie nights, car wash, selling goodies (popsicles are a hit for $200/week at our school), fun fair at the school (games and food), spaghetti dinner, sold school t-shirts, jog-a-thon (net almost $2,000... cheap prizes almost all profit). My brain is tired and can't think of the other things we did off the top of my head. Hope you are able to raise the money you need. We have about $2500 more to go for our Science camp field trip. Fun times.

Liz said...

At our school, the kids come home w/ the first fundraiser literally the 2nd or 3rd DAY of school. It's a frozen cookie dough fundraiser. It makes me want to puke that they start hitting people up for money THAT SOON after school starts. I realize that it needs to be done & we try to be helpful once a year, but when they start bringing home the 2nd fundraiser the same week we turn in the 1st one, I start seeing red. Fundraisers are practically cuss-words in our house. LOL

Darcy said...

Yeah, that is pretty soon!


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