Friday, August 21, 2009

Sorting Through Pictures

One of the little projects I've been working on in the mornings while the girls are both at school is sorting through my photos in my iPhoto.

I have over 32,000 pictures in my iPhoto from the last six and a half years. That averages out to about 5,000 pictures a year we've taken. Whoa! Thank Goodness for external hard drives, huh? Yeah, I know they can go bad, but for now that's better than nothing.

So back to my project. I've been grouping, categorizing, and deleting pictures. Why in the world I've taken ten shots of the exact same present or activity is beyond me and therefore I figured out if there was a better shot of the group and then delete the rest. I've also been deleting pictures that are blurry, peoples backs are to you, pictures were peoples eyes are closed, or just plain irrelevant.

It's definitely been a nice project to work on, and it's fun looking back at how the girls, and many friends and family have changed!


Lesboot said...

Good for you. I'm such a pack rat it's really difficult for me to delete pictures even though I know I should. I'm getting better though. If the picture is completely black or you can't even tell what it is, I delete it now. :D

Joy Howse said...

That is a HUGE project I need to take on but my backside would go numb sitting in the computer chair that long. :) Baby steps I suppose would eat away at it slowly. I LOVE taking pictures too but then other then my blog I am not good at posting them or let's not even mention printing them off. Best of luck with this huge undertaking!!

Darcy said...

I just work on it here and there. A little at a time.


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