Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Morning Randomness

Why is that the weekends seem to just fly by and the days in between sometimes seem to go so slowly?

We had a good weekend. Friday night Steven and I were able to get away for dinner just the two of us. That was very much appreciated and much needed! We hadn't been out since our anniversary in March and it was nice to have a conversation that was uninterrupted and not having some sort of Hannah Montana reference made in the midst.

Saturday morning, we saw "UP" in 3D. Another great movie by Pixar! The remainder of Saturday was spent at home, catching up on laundry, the girls playing/fighting with one another. Things getting done. It was nice to be home.

Sunday morning was church. And then, being the ever so spontaneous family that we are, we went to Disneyland and met up with friends from church. At one point there were twenty five of us together! Yeah, it makes it kinda difficult to stay together, but you just kinda go with the flow and don't have expectations. We all saw the Aladdin show together and THAT was fun. We took us three rows of seats!! It's amazing how many people from church have annual passes now. A lot are getting ready to be blacked out for the summer and are making as many trips as possible before they are blocked out for the summer months.

There were people working on the house next door that has been empty for almost a year. They deemed themselves the 'clean up crew'. But they are potentially the new owners and were doing some fix up things to get the appraisal up or something. It's a young married couple, with a two year old little girl, a couple of dogs, and her parents just live around the corner a few blocks. They look promising as neighbors and we hope it all works out in their favor. It would be nice to have a young family move in next door.

This week has some busy days. But the biggest thing that is happening this week for our family, aside from the debut of the new fireworks at Disneyland and new products being announced from Apple (yeah, we're geeks!, LOL), is that our baby finishes up Preschool on Thursday. She's excited because she knows she's moving on to Kindergarten at Hannah's school. I'm a little sad because it means the end of a season in our lives. But excited for what the new season holds.

Time to face the music that it's once again Monday and get this day going...

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