Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Free Saturday!

Ahhhh, it's Saturday.

We woke up to the sun shinning. The birds chirping. And a kid bouncing into our bed wide eyed and raring to go shortly before 6:00am. Grrrr. Maybe come the Fall when Rachel is up and out the door everyday with a busy morning of Kindergarten she will sleep a little longer on the weekends? One can hope.

Today is the first Saturday in a very long time that we haven't had anything on our calendar. We originally did have something for tonight, but due to the lack of interest, the event was cancelled. That's okay. It'll be nice to have a day off with no where we HAVE to be. No where we HAVE to go.

I have a ton of laundry to catch up on. That's what happens when you let your laundry soap not stay stocked up. I don't mind the washing part, it's the folding and putting away that I dislike. LOL. Perhaps if I fold as the laundry is finished rather than wait for the basket to be overflowing will be better, then it won't be such a chore.

So I've become addicted to a game on Facebook, it's called Bejeweled. The idea is you have to get three jewels lined up and then they disappear, etc. Yeah, one of those games you really shouldn't play for an hour just prior to going bed, for when you wake up in the night, you're still strategizing moves.

Saturday mornings, I often try to make something special or different for breakfast. Steven takes care of breakfast during the week as I'm getting dressed, getting Hannah's lunch made, and other things necessary before school. Sometimes it's Tater Tot casserole. Sometimes it's breakfast burritos. Sometimes it's even homemade carmel rolls. But there's a few cans of biscuits in the fridge so I think today I shall make my Gramma's Monkey Bread. It's a nice cool morning and there won't any repercussions of having the oven on later this morning.

And with that....I shall go begin the laundry and start the Monkey Bread!


Joy Howse said...

in the midst of my 5th, and second to last, load of laundry myself. And I have found that folding it right away gives me a better chance of getting it done instead of letting it sit, and sit, and sit. I am bad at that.
I also made a special breakfast this morning. No time on week days for anything more then cereal or a bagel. Love the days where nothing needs to be done. Only thing on my list away from home today is a trip to Costco, which I love so that isn't too bad. Have a blessed weekend.

Liz said...

Tee I've got you hooked on Bejeweled Blitz and you're dragging on your laundry. Boy, I'm 1/2 way across the country & you're turning into me. I'm good!! :)

Darcy said...

I know! I've been sitting here off and on all day long playing. Steven's playing it these days too! LOL.


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