Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The "Uh Oh" Jar

Last week, I came across this idea on a friend's blog (thanks Letti), who had gotten the idea off another blog. The idea is so cute, I can't help but copy it!

The "Uh Oh" jar is a jar filled with pieces of paper. And on those pieces of paper are chores to do. How it works is if the girls weren't getting along, talking back, not doing what they were told, they pick a chore out of the jar. If there's any arguing or hesitation, they get to pick two!

Between my friends list, another friends' list of summer chores, and my own ideas, these are the chores I have thus far:

* wipe doors in hallway down
* wash the baseboards of one room
* wipe switch plates down
* pull weeds for 20 minutes
* sweep the front doorway
* vacuum along the baseboards of one room
* wipe door knobs
* clean out van
* dust dinning room chairs
* dust entertainment center
* crush water bottles
* clean kitchen nook table and chairs
* sweep kitchen floor
* pick up the orange balls (from palm tree) in the grass for 20 minutes
* wash Dad's car
* empty trash cans

I know most of the chores seemed geared toward my older child, Hannah. But Rachel can do just about all those jobs on this list, at her level of ability. Will it be as good as my nine year old? No. But the job will get done and a lesson will be learned in not doing things she's not supposed to be doing or there will be consequences.

Honestly, I can't wait to get some of these things done and have thought about putting the same job in there a couple times to ensure it gets done sooner or later!! LOL.

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