Saturday, May 30, 2009

Tea in the Garden

This morning, I attended a Spring Tea put on by the Women's Ministry of my parents' church. It was held in the yard of a couple who attends the church. I would say I am speechless as to the beauty of the morning, but obviously I'm not speechless cause I'm writing a post about it. But you get the picture as to how impressive and breathtaking the morning was.

First, you pulled into the horseshoe driveway whereas you were greeted by men of the church dressed in black dress pants and white shirts. They opened your door for you, took your keys, gave you a claim ticket and then valet parked your car in the neighboring orange groves. Yeah, I'm not kidding.From there you walked on a pebble stone pathway through the side garden into the backyard. The yard was absolutely breathtaking. Rose bushes in every color imaginable were in full bloom. Flowers adorning the trellis that we entered the yard through. Amazing. Simply amazing. Sidestepping our tour for just a moment...The house had a wrap around porch that added such character and beautiful sitting areas with newly painted wicker furniture. The home owners have done a phenomenal job in creating such a beautiful yard and haven to relax in. It was hard to stand in the midst of all the beauty and not covet. :)Back to our tour through the garden...As we continued on the pebble pathway through the garden, we entered through a gate into the backyard, where the the tea was to be held. The tables were gorgeous. There were round tables, adorned with pale yellow table clothes and accented with black, white, and more yellow. Those colors together are simply beautiful. Fresh yellow roses and white petite daisies were the center pieces. Once the event started, we were welcomed and given encouragement to simply enjoy the surroundings. We then had scones, tea, and fellow shipped with the ladies at our table. It was hard to concentrate on any of the conversations going about as the yard was amazing, so beautifully manicured, so well kept. Taking in the beauty of all the details that had been so carefully thought out and color coordinated. I sat taking it all in and was very appreciative for all the hard work that went into making it such a lovely place to be. Following the time of fellowship and delicious scones, we had worship, followed by a message. The guest speaker for this event was none other than my Mama!! And she did a phenomenal job at delivering the message the Lord had given her. The details and awsomeness of her message will be saved for another post altogether as it deserves a post all of its own. But she did an amazing job and I'm so very proud of her. Following the message, the men, who had been serving us water, iced tea, and hot water throughout the morning, now cleared the tables of our scone plates and served us lunch. The lunch was chicken salad on croissants, a crisp green salad with a vinaigrette drizzled about, and a small bundle of red seedless grapes. All very delicious. Dessert was chocolate dipped strawberries and a petite lemon cake. It was absolutely lovely. The tea came to an end and the photographer and creative person in me wanted to capture the beautiful programs that were printed with some of the beauty of the table. It was such a lovely morning. Even at this late hour of the evening, I am still in marvel of the beauty of the house, the gardens, the message, and just the morning overall. It's probably the most beautiful event I've ever been to, and I can't wait until next year!!!

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Patty said...

It was a most amazing morning! I am so glad you took all these captured it all so well.I am so glad you came. It was wonderful having my daughter there!


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