Monday, June 1, 2009

Reflections of Beauty

The theme for the tea I went to over the weekend was "Reflections of Beauty".

Everything tied together so nicely - the opening words from the house hostess, the short devotional reading in between worship, as well as the words in the message that was given.

I already shared about the beautiful surroundings of the yard, the house, and the tables in my previous post. Today, I'd like to share from the notes I took from the message.

The message was titled "Refections of Beauty". And there were three points that were made and dwelled on.

The first point was The Reflection of Beauty in our Hearts. What was stressed in this point was that having a heart for the Lord is more than just a devotional time, it should be intimate. The relationship that we should desire with the Lord should be that like a bride and her bridegroom, intimate, close. We reflect who we hang out with. If we're 'hanging out' and spending good quality time with the Lord, that is who we will most likely reflect.

The second point was The Reflection of Beauty in Our World. It's no secret, we are living in tough times - socially, economically, and spiritually. It is in these times that the world (the people around us, whom we encounter) need to see the joy of the Lord in us. We also need to know that when we comfort and show compassion to those around us, we reflect the love of God. We cannot let crooked patterns and lifestyles be our example for the world to see. We must live the Godly lifestyle and let Christ shine through us.

And finally, the third point was Reflections of Beauty in You. There is a freedom in being who God created you to be, rather than striving to be what others think you should be. Many times the Enemy will taunt us to compare ourselves with one another and that's not what the Lord would have. He created you, be yourself.

As women, it's easy to cover up the flaws on the outside with make up. But covering up the flaws on the inside take work and it's the intimacy that can be found with God that will bring about change in our lives, in our hearts, and in our world. And ultimately making us true 'Reflections of Beauty.'

"As in water face reflects face, so the heart of woman reflects woman."
Proverbs 27:19

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