Friday, March 13, 2009

The Weekend

It's Friday morning and I am on the brink of a very busy weekend.

This morning will be taken up by getting groceries, possibly Costco. Then there's the fun of unloading it all and trying to make all the frozen goods fit into the teeny tiny side by side fridge/freezer combo. Have I mentioned before I'd love a small chest freezer?? LOL.

The real fun starts this afternoon! Me and a friend are heading into Burbank/Hollywood to the NBC Studios to see Randy Travis perform on the outdoor stage of The Tonight Show!!! For FREE!!! I am SO excited! I found out about this event when I was notified of the search for people to come and watch through Randy's (cause you know we're on a first name basis) Facebook page two days ago. Steven said I should go for it and I did! I was notified by the Randy Travis officials that my name has been added to the list! We have to be in Burbank by 3:45 and I really am not sure when they will tape. I *think 4:30. I need to remember to set our Tivo to record The Tonight Show. I'm charging up the camera, I'll post pictures in my spare time over the weekend.

Saturday is a busy, busy day. We have my niece's 5th birthday party at 11:00. The girls are excited to see their cousin and play in the bounce house that Uncle Robbie rented. Then in the evening, the church is having a Couple's Ministry St Patricks Day potluck. The church is providing the Corned Beef and everyone else is providing sides and desserts, etc. After dinner, we're playing Bunco! Saturday will be a fun day.

Sunday is church and then in the afternoon, Hannah has a birthday party to attend to for her friend she's known since birth. It's a Spa Party where they are going to do pedicures and manicures, etc. Hannah is very excited for that party too!

The weekend will gone and over with before we know it and we'll have one week of being off track behind us! Anyone else have big plans for the weekend??

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Joy Howse said...

Thank goodness for being off track so you have next week to recoop from the big weekend. I know you will have lots of fun and look forward to the recap.


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