Thursday, March 12, 2009

Adjusting to the TIme Change

We're now a few days into the time change and it's taking a while to adjust. Although Rachel is back to her normal time of getting up at 6:30. The first day or two she actually slept in until after 7:00. Thankfully, we are off track and not needing to be out the door because it's been after 7:00 when I finally roll outta bed.

The late afternoons are an adjustment as well. The afternoon sun tells me that it's 3:00/3:30, when in all reality it's 4:00/4:30 and dinner really should be thought about and started. So, we've been eating dinner just a little bit later the past couple of days. Which also gives Steven just a little bit more time to finish loose ends and thoughts for his work day.

The extra daylight the evening provides is an adjustment too. However, last night, it gave us some extra daylight to go help my Dad, who's tearing up all the grass along the street. I know, give it a few more days, especially come the weekend, the extra daylight will be nice, but for now, for some reason, this time it's taking some time to adjust! Anyone else having that problem???


Joy Howse said...

UGH!!! The time change is wrecking havoc on the kids schedules. Alexis just can't stand to get up when it is still dark and I just can't seem to get dinner on the table on time these days. Aiden on the other hand LOVES the new change. He is waiting to take his nap till after I get Alexis from preschool and then sleeping one good 3 hour nap for the day instead of two smaller, interrupted naps. Mixed feelings considering his postive changes.

Liz said...

Ok, I'm curious. Why is he tearing up the grass??

Darcy said...

The grass is extremely thick and high above the sidewalk and the sprinklers aren't even popping up anymore. So he's tearing that stuff out (more like a weed anyways) will get rid of some of the dirt and then do new sprinklers and sod.


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