Monday, January 12, 2009

Things Look 'Blah'

The evidence of Christmas has been gone from our house for almost two weeks now and everything looks so bare and blah.

When I put away everyday decor in the month of October to bring out my Fall decorations, I sometimes forget how I had things decorated over the span of the few months of decorating for the holidays. Usually I take pictures of how I had things before dissembling and packing things away until after the New Year. I've referenced back to how I had things and some table tops are the same as they were back in September. Some of the everyday decor I've tweaked and changed a bit.

But what I am having the most trouble with is my kitchen counter.

One the end, I kept out my snowman teapot and sugar and creamer to display through January. It is after all, winter, and snowmen are representative of the winter months. But it's the corner area where I have my Kitchen Aid that is the most barest place in all our house. I cannot figure out what to put there to liven things up and add some color. It's way too early to bring out my Spring stuff. And yet, I can't remember what I had in that spot a year ago, following Christmas.

Anyone else have decorating dilemma's such as this after the holidays?

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Joy Howse said...

Since I am a snowman freak I would often leave a few of my favorite pieces out through the end of Jan when I would then convert to Valentine's Day decor. This year I am really missing those snowmen.


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