Saturday, January 10, 2009

Couple's Ministry

A few months back, our church put together a Couple's Ministry. It is the desire of our Pastor to do something once a month that brings couples together in fellowship and fun and a time together.

The first event was a couple's dinner hosted in early November. A nice dinner was served, there was a comedian, and a great devotion by a guest pastor. The last weekend of November had the Couple's Ministry meeting up to view Christmas lights. We skipped that one because they were going on the opening weekend of the holiday festivities, and we knew how crazy it would be with people.

Tonight, is the next Couple's event. They are having an evening of cookies and worship around a bonfire. They are also providing childcare at another location! It'll be a nice evening, but the winds have been blowing so hard the last two days here in Southern California that I bet the 'bonfire' part of the evening will be cancelled. We shall see.

Steven and I have recently been asked to serve as part of the committee that comes up with and plans these events. I think it'll be a fun ministry for us to serve in together.

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Joy Howse said...

Sounds like fun to be a part of the planning. I am sure bonfire or not you and Steven will have a wonderful time. I go to such a small church that they don't have the people or resources to do such a thing. One of the downfalls I suppose of being so small. Hope you enjoy your night out.


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