Sunday, November 9, 2008

Couple's Dinner

Our church hosted a couple's dinner last night. The evening was the first event of a new monthly ministry that will focus on married couples and creating events where couples can spend time together and with other couples in fellowship.

Dinner was catered by Dave's Famous BBQ and proved just as good being catered as it is when you visit their restaurant. During dinner, to prompt conversation amongst the other couples at your table, you had to share a funny or silly moment you'd had as a couple. Then the table would decide who's would be written on an index card and then submitted. Believe it or not, the story we shared was voted the funniest at our table and was submitted along with funny moments from the other seven tables. Two of our Pastors read the entires amongst themselves and then came up with a 1st place winner and a grand prize winner. Our story was the grand prize winner!! LOL. Which won us a gift certificate.

The array of homemade desserts were single handedly made by a woman in our church who has two small children, younger than Rachel! She did an amazing job. Following dinner, we were entertained by a comedian, who had some really funny stuff. After the comedian, there was another game, married couple bingo. That was really creative and a lot of fun. It got people up and seeking out other couples who could sign the square they matched.

The evening ended with a short devotion on the subject of marriage, of course. The pastor who spoke was someone who used to be heavily involved our high school ministry when I was in high school. it was really nice to see him and his wife and his message was awesome!

One of the really neat things about the whole evening was that childcare was provided by the collage and career ministry. They arranged for childcare to be held at a house, not too far from the church. A bounce house was provided as was dinner. Hannah and Rachel had such a great time. It was a true blessing to see the servants of collage and career ministry.

It was a fun and enjoyable evening. It would have been nicer to have gotten to choose where we sat, whereas we could have sat with friends, but we were assigned tables so that we'd be forced to talk and get to know people we didn't know. LOL. The next couples outing will be at the end of the month when we meet and go looking at Christmas lights as a group.


Joy Howse said...

Ok, so now I need to know what story would win the grand prize. Must have been a good one. Sounds like you had an awesome time. I just wish Dale could go to church with me instead of working every Sunday, that would be a good start.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. I too want to know the tell!

Liz said...

What a fun night! And you KNOW you have to share the funny story with us!


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