Saturday, November 8, 2008

Daylight Savings Time

It's just about been a week since we set our clocks back.

This time change is a hard one to get used to. Darker earlier in the evenings, which when you really think about, it symbolizes the holidays are upon us.

And it's lighter earlier in the morning. For the last week, I think Rachel has been up everyday before 6:00 am a good majority of the week. The bright side of that is that we've been up and ready for school, with beds made, breakfast eaten, and ready to leave early. The downside, we're officially off track now and now the girls will be up early and we won't have to be anywhere. LOL.

Any other households having a time of adjusting to the "Falling Back" of the clock?


Joy Howse said...

This has been a hard transition for us. The kids normally get up at 6:20 to get ready for school, but the past week they have been up at 5:30!! UGH. I had FINALLY gotten Aiden's schedule worked around Alexis' preschool schedule so I wasn't having to wake him up from a nap. Now? That is ALL messed up. Slowly we will get back there. Hope you enjoy your off track time. If you want to get together give me a call.

Anonymous said...

Love the time change ~ the darkness gets us into the house earlier, so baths, dinner, etc are all done by 7pm!! They are more than ready for early bedtime, and are easier to awaken in the am. I would love for the time to remain like this always and forget daylight savings time !! LOL. ~ Carolyn


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