Monday, November 10, 2008

Our Funny Moment

The funny moment we shared at the couple's dinner was a moment we shared together before we were even married. Before we were engaged. Before we were even dating. We were 'just friends', but it's still a memory we made together and it's one we'll always remember.

It was the Christmas season 1994 and we'd been doing more and more things together (we actually started not long after that). One afternoon, we decided to get a Christmas tree for Steven's condo. We went to the Home Depot near his place and picked out a tree. We put it atop his Honda Accord and went to work at securing it to the roof of his car. We roped the tree over and over, tossing the rope to one another on the other side of the car through the windows. Finally, the tree was secure and we were ready to go to his condo and get to work decorating.

But upon getting into the car, we had discovered we'd tied all four doors of his car shut!! LOL. We had to untie the tree and start all over again, remembering to leave at least the two front doors available for us to get in.

This is a memory we used to reminisce about when we used to buy a real tree. But five years ago, we purchased an artificial tree, so we don't reminisce about that first Christmas tree we bought together very often. It was fun to remember it at the party. It always gives us a good laugh.


Joy Howse said...

That is too funny. My parents have a similar story but theirs was with a rocking chair that they had tied to the top of the car, securing the doors along with it. This happened right after they had my older sister, so like 2 years into their marriage. Thanks for sharing your funny moment.

Mishel said...

LOL...that is a great story!

Paige Garner said...

Too funny! What a great story! :)


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