Thursday, January 15, 2009

Smoke Detectors

Is your house equipped with smoke detectors?? Because our house is only ten years old, we have a smoke detector in every room of the house, with the exception of the kitchen/family room for obvious reasons. But the office, each of our three bedrooms, the formal dinning/living room, even the laundry room, all have smoke detectors. But the one place that does not have a smoke detector is the attic.

'The attic?' you might think. Yes, the attic.

On Christmas night, some long time friends of my parents, experienced something you'd never want to experience, let alone experience on Christmas night. Their attic caught fire, which caused not only damage to their roof, but also damage to the second story of their house.

The firefighters told them it took the ceilings collapsing before a smoke detector went off. And that perhaps a smoke detector in the attic might have helped alerted them a lot sooner, before the flames became too big.

It is because of the Curtis Family that we now have a smoke detector in our attic. I bought one Tuesday and installed it in the attic myself.

We aren't too sure if we'll be able to hear it, should it go off. But living in a single story house, we thought that perhaps if it was going off, it'd be just enough of an annoyance for one of us to get up and check things out.

Rowena, is a gifted photographer. And believe it or not, she captured the horrific event of their house in flames. She captured her husband carrying out their iMac, the firefighters carrying out pictures. They are amazing pictures. To read more about their story and see her pictures, you can visit Rowena's website at


Kim said...

Lucky you! If your house was built today, you'd have one in your kitchen/living room too. We have a smoke detector that is about four feet to the left of the stove. Can you say annoying?! Sure, it's about ten inches around the corner of the pantry, but if I don't turn on the fan, even boiling water will sometimes set it off!

Joy Howse said...

Funny story about smoke detectors coming soon on my blog. They can be a blessing when truly needed but an annoyance when SUPER sensitive.


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