Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To the Dentist

Anyone who's been a follower of my blog for any great length of time knows how much I detest going to the dentist. My old dentist I've gone to for over 18 years was nice. I had no traumatic experiences. I just don't like going to the dentist. So much so, that for years we paid out of our insurance network for me to go to my dentist.

That changed last October. I changed to a new dentist where I was 100% covered with our insurance and I loved him! I wrote a post about how much I loved the new dentist and how gentle he was.

Over the weekend I had some things contribute to my waking up with the worse toothache on Monday morning (what a way to start a Monday). I made steaks for dinner on Saturday night and chewed on my sensitive side. And there was some stress in my life that resulted in me clenching my teeth. Monday, the toothache was so horrible I couldn't get a handle on the pain. I tried prescription Motrin. I tried Advil. I overlapped. I overdosed. I was in soooo much pain.

Tuesday morning I called and got an appointment to be seen. They couldn't get me in until this morning.

Again, my experience was nothing but pleasant and good.

However, my tooth is deeply troubled. And I do mean deep. I have a rather large pocket that may be caused by my tooth moving when I clench. Food is collected in that pocket and decaying and the decay is starting to affect the bone. Thus the reason for the nasty taste I've had in my mouth.

The dentist worked on my bite and adjusted the crown. They also cleaned out the pocket and then squirt antibiotics up in the pocket. The antibiotics work over twenty three days. Thankfully, I have an appointment next Wednesday for cleaning and they made note on my chart to have the dentist take a look at the tooth then as well.

I would very much appreciate prayers that I can get a handle on my clenching so I don't end up with major, major dental issues. It might come down to having to get a night guard.


Joy Howse said...

I do pray that you can get relief. I am also struggling BIG time with tooth issues and every night can only fall asleep if I lay on an ice pack and take some tylenol for the pain. I really need to get mine taken care of. We are hoping to use our tax money to get mine fixed. I just hope that when that times come I can get over my fear of the dentist and find someone I am comfortable with. Many prayers for you.

Darcy said...

When and if you want, I can give you the name of who I've been going to. He's in Redlands. :)


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