Friday, January 16, 2009

A Little Perspective

I got this email a few days ago from a friend, who at the end of her day, had a little perspective that she wanted to share. The email was so good, and a great reminder of exactly who is in control of how our day goes. It is with her permission and a little bit of editing that I share this email.I wish I could tell you I wore my Christian Woman badge proudly today. But as it often happens, I started the day with great expectations and somewhere along the way fell considerably short of my goal.

All the "simple stuff" turned out to be not so simple.

The morning went well until I took the kids to school and pondered yet again the question, why do people in our small city have no idea how to drive? Only 2 1/2 hours into the day and my unruly side was coming out.

I made it to the County of San Bernardino Recorders Office in record time. Finally got M’s Birth certificate, I know he is almost five, but I need it to register him for Kindergarten. Went to Target found some awesome stuff on clearance. But what I went for was gone. Went to the mall for the School Cents meeting, got chewed out a little bit. Tried another Target no success. On to Costco for gas. Got gas decided that as long as I'm there I should pick up what I need. Remembered ‘M’ should eat at some point, so I got him a hot dog and churro (because what mom doesn't want sugar and half eaten food in their purse). Went inside, got my things, got in line and thought this was a bad idea. Came home did a few things around the house. Went to Auto Zone for light bulbs for hubby’s car. Picked the girls up from school. Tried to talk to a friend while ‘E’ was screaming at me, "I want to go home". Came home, and yes, ‘E’ is still alive. As usual the evening had its moments with homework and just general stuff.

Dinner went okay until the reason for the email.

Dear Hubby and I were cleaning up, when ‘M’, a.k.a. Vomit Boy, informs us that he has to throw up. Hubby tells him to go in the bathroom.

A few seconds later he is crying standing in the hallway (mind you - I just cleaned the carpet) covered in vomit saying, "I didn't make it" we looked in the bathroom, and it is covered!There isn’t a surface in all the bathroom that he missed.

All the while, ‘H’ in the shower.

We had no idea where to start on the mess, but between Dear Hubby and I we cleaned the bathroom.

Finally the reason for the e-mail. God has a way of changing my outlook in unexpected ways. When ‘H’ got out of the shower she said, "Mom, aren't you glad we don't plan our lives? But Jesus does.”

To which I responded, "I wish He’d planned mine with less vomit, but yes I am glad."

She then went on to say, "Jesus has a plan, maybe he wants ‘M’ to get all his vomit out before he is a teenager". And if you have any idea how often Vomit Boy erupts, you'd know he is well on his way to meeting that goal.

I'm not sure what God's plan is.

For some reason His plan often involves throwing my plan out the window. For this I am learning to be thankful. To check my own attitude at the door, trust Him a little more each day, and listen to the wisdom of my eight year old.

My steps are ordered by the only One who knows all the details.

I hope this made you laugh, but also that it encourages you. Keep going, be awesome wives, moms, and friends. Don't worry so much about falling short. Keep running the race girls, just watch out for the vomit. And be grateful for lifes lessons.

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Paige Garner said...

Thanks, Darcy! You have no idea how much I needed to be reminded of that today. :)


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