Monday, December 29, 2008

Signs of Bad Times

I was reading a news article on Drudge last week about the increase in shoplifting being a sign of bad times. And it got me thinking about how we know two people who've had things stolen from them just in recent weeks.

My sister-in-law had her wallet stolen two weeks ago, while working at the preschool. It was in a cupboard in the kitchen where she is in and out frequently as the snack lady. Someone walked in from off the street, found her purse, and took off with her wallet. Security at the local community collage a few blocks away found her wallet the next day in the trash of the men's restroom (ewww!). The hassle of putting security holds and closing accounts are a hassle this time of year. Thankfully, there was no damage to their accounts.

Our mechanic who we take our cars to for repairs had his car broken into a few Saturdays ago while he was at the Saturday evening church services at his church! I can't remember if anything was taken, but again, the hassle of repairing a window, the clean up, etc.

Both signs of the bad economic times when people start stealing. Word of caution to be careful with your purses when you're out shopping, be extra alert when you've turned your back and left it sitting in the shopping cart. Or be alert as to what you've left in the car, etc. You never know who's watching you.

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