Friday, December 12, 2008


The other day I was thinking about how in years past, before my Grandfather's death, my Grandmother always had a sprig of mistletoe hanging in the doorway leading from the family room into the formal living room. Everyone always commented when someone was caught standing under the mistletoe.

It got me thinking about how some things today, as silly as they may seem, may be becoming things tossed to the wayside. Does that make sense? I don't know that Hannah knows what mistletoe is and the fun silliness behind it. So it got me thinking that I wouldn't mind finding some mistletoe this season and hanging it.

Yesterday, as I was driving to pick up Rachel from preschool, stopped at a light where there are typically people on every corner holding signs asking for food, money, help, there was a man selling mistletoe!

Luckily I had a dollar. So I flagged the guy over to give me a bag. I was so excited to have some mistletoe!

Now I realize, he got it totally free out of a nearby tree. And he's making money off selling a weed, but at least he had a great idea and was 'in the season'.


Kim said...

Hey, hey, hey, don't go knocking those mistletoe entrepreneurs! Your hubby was one of those once upon a time.

We used to go down to the river bottom, find a tree dying from mistletoe overload, knock off a hunk, put small pieces of it in plastic bags with a pretty ribbon, and go door-to-door selling it! In fact, I guess we did pretty well considering we also charged the outrageous price of $1 for it 30 years ago. :D

Darcy said...

I wasn't knocking him. LOL. I thought it was really clever of him!

Man, you guys were charging alot 30 years ago!

Ashleigh Baker said...

Aw, I want some mistletoe! Of course, I'll probably end up finding it at the check out stand of the grocery store someplace and have to pay $5 for a sprig. :)

Joy Howse said...

I tried the whole mistletoe thing last year and Andrew would get all giggly and wierded out every time Dale and I would kiss. He is like that all the time (Guess that is a 9 yr old for ya). We kiss around him all the time but the deliberate kissing under the 'mistle' was too much for him. He BEGGED me to "not do that 'mistle' thing this year."


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