Friday, December 12, 2008

Earning Points, While Helping

The local mall has this incentive program for the areas schools, it's called School Cents. When you register your receipts at guest services, our school earns points. Last year, our elementary school won first place that won us a $2000 gift card for the mall. The gift card was used at the Sears to buy a storage shed, as well as some table umbrellas to shade our lunch tables outside.

The mall periodically also offers other incentives to help your school earn points. Sometimes they are drives collecting stuff for the soldiers overseas, food drives, etc, etc. Last night, there was an event going on that gave 1000 points for each volunteer that showed up. I met up with another mom and we rode together to the mall. There ended up only being four of us from our school, but that was 4000 points!

The event was wrapping presents that would later be given to women whom I believe are single moms or in shelters, I'm not clear on the exact details. In exchange for our time in wrapping presents, not only did we get the 1000 points for our school, but we were given a little gift bag with freebies and coupons inside, there were refreshments, makeovers, face painting, and massages compliments of the local massage school! I love wrapping presents so it seemed like a win, win situation! The event started at 6:00, but it must have started early, because by the time we arrived, there weren't many presents left to wrap. Once all the presents had been wrapped, we got refreshments, and then got in line for our massages.
After our massages, we walked the mall for a bit and then made our way back to the prize raffle, in which none of us won anything.

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Joy Howse said...

You love wrapping presents? UGH that is one of the main things I am dreading doing in the next week or so. The shopping has been done for over a week but I just can't motivate myself to lug out all the paper and then and then fight with it for hours trying to wrap a few gifts. Gonna have to face that giant soon.

Sounds like you had lots of fun. And a massage to boot. YEAH!


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