Thursday, October 2, 2008

Church Groundbreaking...Finally

This Sunday afternoon, following the morning services, our church will host a ground breaking ceremony on our church property. After many, many months of filing paperwork, plans, obtaining permits, resubmitting plans, etc, etc, etc. It is time to finally break ground and the people of our church couldn't be more excited!

Because we are a church that meets in a school auditorium, we set up and tear down every single Sunday. And as coordinator for the CG ministry, Steven must be there to set up the computer and screens and then return after second service to tear it all down.

It'll be a while before the church building is done. But I for one am looking forward to the day that we can go to church together as a family (going in the same car). For the last four years, we have taken two cars to church. I can count on one hand the number of times that we've gone to church in the same car. Steven and I always sit together, but as funny as it may sound, I miss going together, in the same car.

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Kim said...

I remember those days. It will be so nice for you when you have a place to call your own! That setting up and tearing down gets old.


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