Thursday, September 4, 2008

Prayers for My Friend

Two months ago, as some of you are aware, my friend Diana was admitted to the hospital. I wrote a post about it then. Her lung was filled with fluid, they placed a drain, and after a week and a half in the hospital, she was released.

Long story short, her lung filled up again. And last week, I got the call from her as she was literally heading back to the hospital to be admitted because a lung biopsy had diagnosed her with lung cancer.

I finally was able to get ahold of one of Diana's long time friends this morning. And Diana's condition is VERY grave.

Diana has stage 4 cancer. The cancer is not only in her lungs, but it has spread throughout her entire body - her bones, her liver, her kidney, her pelvis. Her cancer is so bad that chemo isn't even an option, chemo would literally kill her. They've given her anywhere from days to months to live.

They are working on getting her released to go home on Hospice. There are complications and things that need to be in place before that is done. Diana's family is not being supportive, nor are they being helpful in making decisions, etc. They are basically leaving her alone, not wanting to deal with her, etc.

Please keep Diana in your prayers.

For peace.

For strength.

For her family to 'get a grip'.


Kim said...

Oh, Darcy, I'm so sorry to hear this! I will be praying for her (and you). What's with her family not being supportive? Huh?!? That breaks my heart.

Darcy said...

I'm not sure what's up with her family. She is the youngest of seven kids. So you would think a few of them could be supportive.

Diana was my Maid of Honor in our wedding.

Liz said...

Oh honey! I am so sorry. You know about the loss of my best friend in 2/06, right before A&K moved in, I I really do understand how you feel. HUGS!


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