Saturday, June 28, 2008

Friends Forever

Do you have a friend with whom you can go months and months without contact with and then pick right back up as though you'd never had a lapse in being in contact?

Diana and I first met in the summer of 1992 at a home Bible study for young girls. To make a long story short, Diana was my Maid of Honor when Steven and I got married. THAT's how good of friends we'd become through the years.

Through the years, our paths have gone different directions, I'm married, have two children. Diana is single and lives at home to keep her widowed mom company. But no matter how different the paths, I know that we'll always be friends. No matter what.

Diana called Thursday evening. I'm not when was the last time we'd talked on the phone, we've emailed. And she's able to keep up with me and our happenings through all my blogs. I'm not that up to date on Diana, she doesn't keep a blog. LOL. At any rate, she was calling me from her hospital bed! She had gone to Urgent Care on Tuesday, advised to go straight to the ER, and then was admitted. Her right lung was filled with fluid and the doctors aren't sure what's causing it.

Gramie came and picked up the girls Thursday afternoon, so it was perfect, I could go and visit Diana in the hospital on Friday and not have to worry about what to do with my kids, if they were driving someone crazy, etc. I was free as a bird!! So after stopping for groceries and a trip into Costco, I went to the hospital and visited with Diana for over three hours!!!

She's been cooped up in the hospital for days and wanted to take a walk outside. So we did just that. We sat on a bench for a while soaking up the sun and then walked around the outside of the hospital for a bit. The entrance in which we would now have to enter was a revolving door. Diana was being silly and just kept going round and round. Good thing her heart monitors weren't able to be read so far away from the unit she was on, or she might have scared the nurses. LOL. Me with my handy dandy camera in my purse whipped it out and took a picture and said "you know this is going on the blog!!". LOL.

Prayers for Diana would be very much appreciated. They still don't know what's caused her lung to fill with fluid and has a tube draining it. They've also found a blockage in the tube leading from her kidney to her bladder which they think is an old stone that never passed. They will put a stent in on Wednesday to open that up. But in the meantime, she remains a "Mystery Woman" as far as that fluid buildup.

** I asked permission to post this picture on the blog.


Mishel said...

What a good friend you are! Two years ago I was in the hospital for some unexplained heart issues and my bestest friend flew out from Virginia to see me! What a blessing (and surprise) it was! : )

Anonymous said...

Funny Paper Chronilces *Update* Editor D. Rose Garcia(here).

Thanks Darcy (FORVER FRIEND):) for coming and making me laugh to the point that I pee my chonies (underpants) LOL. I was released on the 4th of July, the desire of my heart. To my family and friends amazement ( ??? who would pick me up it's the hoilday, everyone is wacthing fireworks)Leaving still labled the "Mystery"

Tuesday is still at go 8:30 AM. Please pray that nothing lights up like green neon glow neacklace. :)

Discharge info. It's CANCER if the mass in my lung lights up. Oh my scared, umm yes. The Great Physican and healer says don't worry I am in control. Besides last perscrption filled A merry heart is good for the soul.

Readers in advance thanks for reading and praying.

Next Edtion Coming Soon.:)

Foever Friend
Diana (maid of honor)


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