Saturday, June 28, 2008

Good Mexican Food

Every time we are in San Diego, we go to our favorite Mexican food restaurant.

We first discovered this place eleven years ago when we spent our 1st wedding anniversary in San Diego. I was working at the time and had asked my supervisor if she knew of any good Mexican food places in San Diego as they had a boat docked in a nearby marina and spent a lot of time there. She recommended this place and we've been going back ever since!One of the things that makes this place extra special and yummy is the hot jalepeno cheese dip they serve with their chips and salsa. It is so good, we easily go through two to three bowls. Although this time, Hannah discovered she liked the stuff and now she's hooked! A few years back, I discovered how to make the dip, here at home, and we refer to it as Miguel's Dip. Within 48 hours, we had visited both our favorite Mexican food restaurants - one in Steven's hometown, and this one in San Diego. It was a real treat!

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Kim said...

You should post the recipe (or email it to me)! We had a favorite Mexican restaurant in Memphis that served a dip like this (okay, truly it was the only thing we really liked there) and I wasn't successful in duplicating it.


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