Friday, June 27, 2008

The Caterpillars of Pine Glen

As we were pulling into Pine Glen, our campground, Steven couldn't help but notice some a caterpillar making its way in the street. Once we paid really close attention, we realized there wasn't just one. There were tons all over the road. Live ones. Dead ones. Smashed ones.

When we pulled into our campsite, the caterpillars didn't just stay on the road. They were everywhere. They were huge. They were ugly. And they were in the trees. Don't believe me? Just ask one of my family members about the conniption I had one evening as we all sat around the campfire and one fell from the tree and landed on me. I wasn't the only one to exhibit such a performance in the days to follow.The camp host told my Mom that they are on a two year cycle, the campground is only graced by the presence of these caterpillars every two years. And as huge as they are, you'd think they'd turn into beautiful butterflies, but NO, the camp host assured us they were those big brown moths. Ewwww. We didn't see them in town at the shops or up around the Lakes. They were in the campground and at the nearby visiting center, that was it. We didn't see them anywhere else.



And making a note to only visit this campground on the odd numbered years.

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Mishel said...

Love the picture of the yellow gunk! LOL

Those things were so disgusting!!


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