Monday, August 4, 2008

Beside Still Waters - Mom's Blog

For those of you having trouble accessing my Mom's blog, Beside Still Waters, we are having technical difficulites that might have resulted in her blog being deleted.

We are waiting for blogger/google to contact her in hopes of attaining ber old blog back. If she can't get her old blog back, she'll start a new one.

Blogger Friends, don't worry, nothing bad happened. It was just a case of 'user error'.


Kim said...

I had someone email me yesterday wondering what was happening with your mom's blog! LOL. I was glad you had this up so I could give her an answer. Hope she gets the kinks worked out and can get her blog back soon.

Mrs.T said...


Thank you so much for posting this. I tried to go to both Beside Still Waters and Patty's Pantry this morning and found they had both been removed. I do not tend to be a panicky person, but I panicked for a moment! I'm glad Patty is OK and that nothing bad has happened. Please tell her I was asking about her blogs.

Thanks again!
God bless,


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