Monday, August 4, 2008

School Pick Up: It's a Nightmare

Last Spring, it was suggested that our school go from a four track year round school to a modified one track school. A parent meeting was held and one of the major concerns expressed by parents in attendance of that meeting was the parking arrangements and traffic control for dropping off and picking up our students.

We were told they were working on a few different options.There were already traffic issues and lack of enough parking. Concerns of speeding cars barreling down the street, cars not stopping at the crosswalk, etc. And now they were wanting to add 180 students to the already 500+ students students on track.

School started last Wednesday. And we're now a one track school. Yep, all 700+ students all going at the same time.

There was no additional parking. There was no solution for cutting down the congestion at the front of the school. Unless you count the security guards helping direct the traffic. But they were only temporary. They are gone now. And really, they didn't help all that much.

I gave it three days of dropping off and picking up at the front. Just like I've done for the past three school years. But getting there the exact same time I've done for years was only getting me a parking spot farther away, dealing with congestion just to get out of a dirt lot.

But today, we tried something new.

I dropped Hannah off at the back of the school. Where there is a crossing guard and a nice sidewalk onto the school grounds. No cars in the way, unloading kids. No cross traffic to deal with. No buses to deal with. It worked.

This afternoon, I tried picking Hannah up back there as well. It was awesome! I got there the same time I usually get to the front of the school. Parking in a place whereas I didn't have to get out of my car in the 105 degree heat. Nor did I have to unstrap Rachel from her car seat. Her and I stayed in our cool car, waiting for Hannah to come out. It was such bliss!

When the bell rang, we watched for Hannah. She looked for me and saw the car and waited patiently for the crossing guard and then crossed the street and got into the car, a nice cool car.

Today we tried something new...and we shall do it again tomorrow!!!

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