Saturday, July 26, 2008

"We're Off to See the Wizard..."

The girls and I are packing a picnic dinner and lots of cold drinks, and a blanket or two and 'we're off to see the wizard'. The Wizard of Oz that is. The local music association in the city over is putting on the stage presentation of The Wizard of Oz, and tonight is the final night.

Rachel is excited. Wizard of Oz is one of her favorite movies. She's excited too because I'm letting her wear her Dorothy costume. Complete with ruby red shoes!! Look for pictures on her blog!!

The show doesn't start until 8:15, but I am planning on leaving by 5:00 to get there and get good seats. We'll eat dinner, and are hoping to be joined by our friends, Amy and Bethany! It'll probably be the last fun thing we do before the girls start school on Wednesday. But who knows, with three days left, we might try to squeeze one more 'last thing' in before Wednesday. LOL.


Mishel said...

Have a GREAT time! : )

Jon and alyssa said...

Hi Darcy!
This is Alyssa Lee (Eaton). I was blog strolling and came upon your blog. It is really good to see your growing family, your girls are so cute!


Liz said...

How fun!!!!!


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