Sunday, July 27, 2008

Being Economical

It's been mentioned a few times about what people must think when they read my blogs. We do a lot of fun and exciting things and I'm sure it may come across as though we "live the high life".

That isn't so. Sure, we do a lot of fun and exciting things, but in everything we do, I try to be economical about it.

For example:

* When we go to Disneyland, I always pack snacks and drinks. If we are there over a meal, I almost always pack sandwiches and chips. If not for all of us, I especially do it for the girls because they don't care what they eat, and most times don't finish what's been bought anyways.

* Last week, when the girls and I went shopping for school things, I had coupons for each of the stores we visited, and I used each of the coupons. I even used coupons for lunch at Wienerschnitzel.

* Last month, when we went to San Diego, I had a coupon for SeaWorld that saved us $40! The hotel we booked, we booked on which saved us. And I had meal coupons for when we ate at the zoo.

* The performance of The Wizard of Oz we went to last night, was totally free. And rather than stop at a fast food joint on our way, I packed sandwiches and cheese sticks and drinks and snacks. Aside from the gas it took us to drive there, it was free evening.

* That Hollywood trip we took at the beginning of the month to see Wall*E, that was Gramie's treat and we appreciated it very much.

* Our camping trips, the campsite for Mammoth was split six ways, and the other two times the sites were paid for. Camping is a VERY inexpensive way of getting away. Especially when you tent camp and don't have to haul a trailer or pay those payments, or the price of gas when towing.

A funny example of how I really try to save us the most amount of money was last month, we were at the San Diego Zoo and I had two coupons for 20% of your total meal. I suggested to Steven that we order separately, him take one girl and I'll take one girl. Then we each could use a coupon and save. Steven pointed out to me that 20% of the total order would be the same amount of savings whether we ordered together or not. DUH! That one had us laughing the rest of the day. I was just trying to save us as much as I could. LOL.

I agree, we do a lot of fun things and have a lot of adventures, and I'm very thankful for the deals, the coupons, and opportunities that come our way.

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Liz said...

I'm with ya girl. I'm all about saving every way I can!


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