Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The PCH Trains

The San Elijo Campground literally sits next to the Pacific Coast Highway. For those outside of the area, the PCH is a major road that runs along the coast of California. It can be very busy at times, especially through little towns such as Encinitas, where the campground is located.

Just on the other side of the PCH, there are train tracks where trains run regularly. There is the Coaster, which is the commuter train that runs from Orange Country to San Diego. There is the Amtrak train. And there are regular Freight Trains.

A train ran those tracks at least once an hour. The Coaster ran through once an hour from 5:30am to 9:30pm on Thursday and Friday. And then it's run was less on Saturday and Sunday, but you still had the Amtrak and Freight Train running.

There was an obvious reduction in how many trains were running through the night on Friday and through the day on Saturday, and even fewer through the night on Saturday. But when they did run, they were loud!

Here is a video of just how loud. And Yes, that is our tent.


Kim said...

LOL...It's not just a California highway. It also runs through Oregon and Washington. In fact, we camped right off of PCH also weekend before last.

Angela said...

Kinda makes the camp ground not so campy huh? I love it. Only in California can you go camping on a beach with train tracks right next to it. My husband and I were laughing about stuff like that and the stuff that people in California put up with. We have been in Bakersfield for 14 years and are moving to Alabama Aug.6. Mike has been here in Truckee,Modesto and Lodi his whole life...don't think he is ready to say goodbye but I sure am.


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