Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Camping at San Elijo

There are a lot of people who camp at our church. A lot of families have trailers and a lot of families who tent camp, like us.

Several times a year, a group of people go camping at San Elijo State Beach Campground. Because of it's closeness to the beach, reservations for the cliffside sites and sites with hookup go pretty quickly. The more seasoned campers know exactly when to make reservations, as reservations start at six months out. So in October, they know to make reservations for April camping.

When making reservations, one person can reserve two campsites. One set of friends we know, automatically makes reservations for two sites and then later finds a family to take the extra site, etc. There are always people willing to go camping at the beach!! This particular weekend, there were four families on two sites, right next to each other. There were two families in trailers and two families in tents. It was perfect. It was like having one large campsite. The kids were free to roam between the two sites and had tons of fun playing with each other. The restrooms were directly across the street which was nice, and the beach access was just across the street as well. It was perfect. The families we went with are all families we enjoy spending time with. We had a great time of playing games, talking, and getting to know each other better than we already did.

As we headed home on Sunday afternoon, we talked about how we'd love to go back and camp with church friends again. There is a group going in October, over Columbus Day weekend, and we had thought about looking into getting our own site, as the non-hook up sites don't reserve quite as quickly. But last night we were invited to pitch our tent on a site of friends with a trailer. So I think another weekend camping trip might be in our future in October. THAT is how much fun we had. It's a relatively pretty cheap weekend away, and it's a great time with friends. Of course I took a lot of pictures, 496 pictures to be exact. I've put the majority of them into an album to share. Those pictures can be viewed here, San Elijo Camping - July 2008.

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