Friday, June 6, 2008

Four Kids...For the Weekend

It's the weekend and we have four little girlies running about the house. Okay, they aren't exactly running about at the moment, because slowly, one by one, has been bathed and are ready to settle down for the night.

We've had a full day leading up to tonight. McKenzie and Haylee arrived midmorning and after playing for a while in the backyard, we packed a picnic lunch and headed to the park.

After playing and enjoying the nice weather at the park, we visited Gramma for a bit (thanks for washing my shirts Mom), and then I braved going to the bread store with four children in tow. We came home and the girls played and played for hours. I didn't hear from them for a long while, which gave me lots of uninterrupted reading time!

Following dinner, we went for a walk around the block, Steven and I walked, they each rode something. LOL. And now, they are all on the floor in Hannah's room, in a large makeshift bed of blankets and stuffed animals watching a movie. And hopefully soon, one by one will fade off into dreamland.

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