Saturday, June 7, 2008

Two Books in One Week

Nothing I read written by Karen Kingsbury ever disappoints. And the two books I just completed definitely weren't any different.

One Tuesday Morning is a story of a devoted firefighter and driven businessman caught up in the devastation of September 11. The book, Beyond Tuesday Morningis the continuing story of the people from the first book.

Both books are EXCELLENT! Karen writes in such a way that has you so gripped with emotions as the stories unfold. After reading both of these books this week, I can't wait until the third book in the series comes out November 11th.


Liz said...

Dang I need to read these! I'm already losing interest in the one I'm currently reading b/c I've read some reviews & already know how the story unfolds, so it seems sort of pointless to try to read the whole book since I know the ending. Maybe I should just put it on & go ahead and go find these! (By the way---don't tell me how the story goes!)

Darcy said...

What book are you reading again????


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