Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Camera

A few weeks ago when we were at the Airshow, I noticed my camera was acting up. The button that you push to take the pictures isn't working correctly.

Later that week, I researched local camera shops and took it my camera to one to be checked out. The guy said it'd cost half the price of a new camera to fix it. I was disappointed and left, surely thinking he was wrong. I've continued to use my camera, but it's frustrating.

Today, on our way home from the movies, we stopped off at another camera shop (I always have my camera with me), and that guy also said it'd be over $100 to fix it. The guy said I could leave it for an official quote on a repair, but I have too many functions this week. So I'll have to take it back some other time. So, I guess the guy at the first camera shop wasn't too far off.

I have a lot of things coming up that I NEED my camera. This week is Hannah's last week of school with a picnic on Wednesday. Rachel is celebrating her unbirthday next week at preschool. Hannah is off track and we'll be doing things. And then we're going camping in Mammoth in about 4 weeks, whereas last year, I took close to 500 pictures in just four days. See, I need my camera!!!
Or a new camera. LOL.

Anyone have an extra Canon Powershot 620 just laying around?? Needing a new home??? Perhaps I should try playing the lottery.


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