Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

While the temperatures outside resemble more like that of Summer, Spring has Sprung! As I was outside the other day, hosing off the patio, watering plants, I couldn't figure out why there was bird poop in this particular spot on the patio. There was no place above for birds to perch...And then I discovered it. Despite all my efforts of stuffing white paper towels up into the spaces of our new patio covering to avoid a poopy mess like last years nest, the birds had built a nest atop of the paper towels. And there were already three little baby birds hatched and looking out. Steven says I provided the extra comfort for the nest with the paper towels. I'm thinking about how much easier the clean up will be with the paper towels there. LOL. The little birds are so cute and the girls have been checking on them daily. This morning, looking out the patio sliding door, the girls discovered that one of the birds had fallen from the nest. For a good hour, the girls were concerned about it's safety and well being. The girls already having a shoebox prepared with a bed of paper towels convinced Daddy to pick up the bird and put him in the safety of the box, which is where he is currently resting, while Daddy researches the internet to see if birds this young can eat bird seed, or if he'll have to go on a worm hunt.

Edited to Add - After researching baby birds online, Steven discovered that despite being too small to fly away just yet, the baby bird is still in the stage where the mommy bird will still care for it. Which means we won't need to go on a worm hunt this fine Saturday morning.

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