Friday, August 5, 2011

Box Tops Bulletin Board

I have once again taken on the role as Box Tops Coordinator for our school this year. We are currently within the top ten schools in the State of California and I want to be the one to move our school closer to the top. How's that for being discreet about the specifics! LOL.

I hold a couple contests throughout the year and it gets quite competitive amongst the classes, and even amongst the teachers in the final days and hours of the contest. So every year a bulletin board is created that sits on the cafeteria patio to show how the contest is progressing.

This is the bulletin board I made for this year. It was my goal to have it up for Back to School night for all the families to see and remember that Box Tops collecting is important. The red colored flowers are for the intermediate classes, grades 4-6th. The purple flowers are for the primary grades, Kindergarten through 3rd. As Box Tops are turned in, flower petals will be added to the class flower stem with the amount of Box Tops turned in. I'm thinking for every 300 turned in, a flower petal will be added.

Here's to a great year of "Watching our Earnings Grow...!"


Letti said...

It looks great. You are doing an amazing job!

Darcy said...

Thanks Letti!


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