Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring has Sprung

While the calendar says Spring is still a few days away, the weather and the trees and all the blossoming going on here in Southern California says otherwise.

The last few days have been quite warm, mid to high 80s. One day was even bordering on 90, which is too warm for me. The skies have been clear and there's a nice afternoon breeze sweeping through the late afternoons.

The girls are officially off track, but we've not been doing much of anything as Hannah has had a sore throat for a few days. I took her to our Pediatrician on Wednesday after finding out that my niece, whom the girls spent time with this past weekend, was diagnosed with strep throat. Hannah's had no fever, no spots on her throat, therefore our Pediatrician ruled it a virus and said she should be on the mend in the next day or two. We've been home all week so that she can get better, not be exposed to anything else, and hurry up and get on the mend.

With being home so much this week, I've started on some Spring cleaning. It started with wiping all the doors down with bathroom cleaner. Every door we have is a six pane door and those little ledges of the paneling are perfect for collecting dust. They've all been washed down, front and back, and all the doors in the hall look so fresh now. I also switched out the attachments on my vacuum and vacuumed all the blinds. They were so dusty you could see fingerprints on the wooden slats, but not any more! This afternoon, I hosed down the patio and then started washing windows. I'll maybe finish that tomorrow. But I'm on my way of tackling some deep cleaning that's been bugging me for months but have been too busy.

We're adjusting to the springing forward of our clocks last weekend. It's a good thing we are off track, I can't imagine having to drag the girls out of bed at 6:30 when it's relatively still gloomy and on the dark side. Staying light longer in the evenings is a welcome change and it feels as though more hours have been added to your day in order to get things done. It's time to start looking for new recipes to try on the BBQ and get in the mode of 'cooler foods'. LOL.

Another sign of Spring - our wedding anniversary! Our anniversary is next Tuesday and we'll be leaving town for a few days and I CAN NOT WAIT! The girls will be going to my Mother in Law's house Saturday afternoon and will stay with her for a few days. We thought about going to a favorite vacation destination, the Central California Coast, to The Apple Farm, but after Steven spent a night in Orange County a couple of weeks ago, we decided to go to Newport Beach. There is lots to do in Orange County and it's only an hour from home and we scored BIG on with the hotel.

Speaking of time change, the sun can sure throw a person off, I'm thinking I still have an hour to prepare dinner, but I don't. So it's time to go get dinner started...

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Kim said...

We can always tell it's spring when Ed start sneezing his head off! LOL.

I hope you have a great anniversary away! Don't you love Priceline?! We have done really well with them too. :)


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