Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Finished Project

I'va had this project I've been wanting to work on for a long, long time. Well over a year, maybe two. It was the pictures hanging in our hallway.

The collages hadn't been updated since Hannah was born, which mean there were no pictures of Rachel even in the collages. With the exception of the few of Hannah as a baby, all the pictures were over ten years old, and even the ones of Hannah will be ten years old come April. It's a project I've been wanting to do for a long time, and just really didn't have the time or gumption to do it...until recent months when I had an idea of exactly what I wanted to do.One of the ideas I had to redo this wall was to do away with the collages all together, and fill the wall with 8x10's and 5x7s of the girls, of family, etc. And then I read somewhere that a mother took the self portraits that her children had done in Kindergarten and framed them and then hung them over their beds. What a great idea! But instead of over their beds or in their rooms, I went with wanting to hang them in the hall!!

So I began looking for frames large enough to house the portraits. They were expensive. And I needed two! But then came the Black Friday ads, and there in the Aaron Brothers ad were these frames, normally $22.00, on sale that day for only $9.99. I made sure Aaron Brothers was on my list of stops on Black Friday and I was in luck, they still had the frames! Not only were they on sale, but I also had a 20% off coupon!! Whooo Hooo! I was even happier when the girls' portraits with a little tweaking fit in them!

So about three weeks ago, I took down all the pictures in the hallway. Emptied out the collages and put unwanted frames and such into a yard sale pile. With the girls' pictures framed and leaning up agains the wall, I didn't know what else I wanted to do on the wall. Fill pictures around them? Leave them to hang all alone? I wasn't sure. So they've been sitting propped up against the hall wall for the last three weeks. And as I was talking to my Mom on the phone this afternoon, telling her I needed her to come over and give me some idea, it hit me! I knew exactly what to do with the wall and just as soon as I got off the phone, I went to town hanging my pictures.The handprints/footprints on each side of the girls' self portrait are from when they were born, done in the hospital. When Hannah was in Kindergarten, they did a handprint as their Christmas present. I've been told that Rachel will do her handprint at some point this year. And when she does, and it comes home, I'll move the current prints up a bit and make room for their Kindergarten hand prints to be hung beneath their baby prints! And now that I have that vision in my head, I can't wait til the day Rachel comes home and tells me they printed her hand in clay!

At any rate, I am so very happy with how my wall turned out and that it's finally done and is another project I can mark off on my "to do list".

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Joy Howse said...

It turned out great. yesterday it was my goal to get pictures hung on the very bare walls but dale did not have the same motivation. hopefully him and I will be on the same page on one of his days off next week (he actually gets two next week which is a rarity). Alexis did a handprint similar to the ones on your wall. It turned out cute. I still have the one from when Andrew had the same teacher in Kinder. Too bad that teacher is planning on retiring before Aiden will have a chance to be in their class. I will have to make one with him on my own so we have one for all three of them.


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