Friday, November 13, 2009

Thankful Things

10. My entire family is local, my parents are only four miles away, my brother only ten. Steven's family is however mostly all out of state. His parents live locally, but his sister and her family live in Oregon, and his twin brother lives just outside of Atlanta. This week his sister and her husband and kids are visiting. So this week, I'm thankful for the out of state family that is visiting.

We spent Saturday with them up at my mother in laws house. It was a good day of visiting and the cousins playing together nonstop all day long. On Tuesday, we spent the entire day together at Disneyland. It was a wonderful day - great weather, not crowded, we got on a lot of rides, and had a really, really great day. 11. As this week marked Veteran's Day, I am truly thankful for our freedom. We have so many freedoms that we take for granted. So many freedoms that may no longer be free in the coming days and years to come. Thank You to all the military men and women who serve this great country to preserve our freedom.

12. I went absolutely no where on Thursday and I was thankful for the day at home, With the girls off track, I had no where I had to be and no errands that needed to be done. We spent the entire day home, taking it easy and it was NICE!

13. It took a lot of convincing over five years ago, but I am thankful for Tivo! LOL. When we have busy evenings or are away, I'm thankful I don't miss out on our favorite shows and who got the boot on Survivor or who wasn't The Biggest Loser. Dumb thing to be thankful for, but I'm being honest. :)


♥Mimi♥ said...

Yes, visiting family is so precious. My oldest son and his family (4 of my grandchildren are his) live quite a distance away so the times when we are together are so treasured. True times to be thankful for...

Finding Pam said...

You have a lovely thankful post today. You are blessed to have family so close and still living.

A day staying home is good for your spirit.


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