Monday, May 4, 2009

Summer Nights Are Gonna be AWESOME!

Disney announced their new summer promotion this past week and it's focusing on nighttime! The promotion is called "Summer Nightastic!" and from the looks of the videos I've seen, summer nights are going to be AWESOME!!

Disney is known for it's outstanding firework displays and this summer is predicted to be the best yet. "Magical" the new fireworks will debut Friday, June 12th and run through August. This will be the first new fireworks show since the 50th Anniversary fireworks debuted four years ago.

Broadway star, and former Disneyland Cast Member, Eden Espinoza, will sing featured songs from Mary Poppins, Dumbo, and Pinocchio. We saw Eden Espinoza play the part of Elphedra in WICKED last November and it will be a real treat to hear her sing the Disney songs. For the first time ever - Dumbo is going to fly, high above Sleeping Beauty's castle! Imagineers are working hard behind the scenes to put the finishing touches on the flying elephant and they promise it'll be a sight to see!

The other nighttime spectacular not to miss this summer will be the revamp of Fantasmic! It's been 18 years since Fantasmic first debuted and the time has come to upgrade it to the times! The images of Fantasmic will now be projected in HD, high definition, which is really going to make the experience all the better. There's a new 40 foot dragon, a new crocodile that follows Captain Hook, and a couple new cast members to join the Fantasmic cast, Flotsam and Jetsam from The Little Mermaid. Some great improvements are being made to an already favorite attraction and it's for sure on our list of things to see at least a few times this summer!

When the Electrical Parade returned to California Adventure in 2001, it returned without a couple of floats familiar to the fans. The coal mine float from Snow White and the two floats from Pinoochios' Pleasure Island. Those floats are :::finally!::: making a comeback to the Electrical Parade this summer! There will be a new addition as well. With the outstanding success of Tinkerbell, she'll now have her own float that leads the parade! This parade is a favorite of Rachel's and we'll for sure make an effort to see this nighttime parade a time or two this summer!

All these new things are going to be awesome! And we can't wait to see the new things and the improvements made to some already pretty amazing attractions. We can't wait for Summer Nightastic!


Letti said...

That sounds exciting. If only it wasn't so crowded during the summer.

Liz said...

Love your new layout!!!


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