Thursday, May 14, 2009

Children and Sleep

People often marvel at the fact that our girls go to bed between 7:30 and 8:00 every night. There are a few nights when it's a little bit later, such as Monday nights for Hannah because she has Karate. But other than that, we pretty much stick to the bed times.

Sticking to an evening routine and getting our kids into bed relatively early does two things 1) it gives me and Steven a few hours together without the kids and 2) the sole reason that kids need their sleep.

I came across this article online recently from the National Sleep Foundation (who knew there was such a foundation!) about children and sleep and how important evening routines are for children getting a good nights sleep. I was glad to read it and see that we pretty much implement the things they suggest.

How about any of you? Do you guys have bed times for your kids? Do you follow an evening routine and stick to it?


Joy Howse said...

Our kids are very much on a routine. Taking meds, brushing teeth and reading a book from 7:30-7:50, lights out and sleeping by 8:00. On the weekend we MIGHT let them stay up till 8:30, but not often since I still believe they needd to stay in that routine. My kids would not function without the sleep they get.
I don't understand parents who let their kids stay up REALLY late. hey are just hurting the kids in the long run.

Letti said...

This is interesting that you posted this. The girls have a bed time at 8 but if the other kids have games sometimes they don't get to bed until 10. Chase and Garrett have to be in their room by 10. Cole he goes to bed when I go to bed because I like him to sleep in. He wakes up between 10 amd 11. I think that every family does whats best for them. I don't want to punish the older kids or never go to their games because the younger kids need to go to bed.


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