Sunday, November 30, 2008

Vacation / Long Weekend Coming to An End

It's the last day of November 2008. Where did all of November go??

Just as quickly as the month passed us by, so has the last week. It's time for Steven to go back to work tomorrow after being on vacation for the last ten days. He only had to take off four days, but because of the two weekends, one being a four day weekend, he's had a nice long vacation.

On Tuesday, Hannah goes back to school after being off track since November 10th. Back to the routine of getting up and out the door every morning by 7:30 and back into the routine of homework, reading, and in bed early. On the bright side, it's only for three weeks and then it's Christmas vacation. LOL.

We had a good four-day weekend. I've already shared about our Thanksgiving and our Black Friday. Thursday night, Steven set up the "Home Movie Theater" and it came down this morning. A few years ago, we mounted a king size flat sheet onto two pieces of molding where the sheet can easily be rolled up for storage. We hang it over our entertainment center and use that as our 'movie screen' and project movies onto it with a projector. We've not had "Home Movie Theater" in well over a year because Steven took our screen to the church fellowship office for the movie nights they were having and it was easier on Steven leaving it there to use over and over. But Thursday night, Steven went and got our 'screen' and we've been watching movies all weekend. On Friday morning, while I was out Black Friday shopping, he and the girls started a Star Wars Marathon, starting at the very first one and by the end of Saturday, having made their way all the way through number six, Return of the Jedi. Needless to say, we've had our fill of Star Wars for a while. But it was fun to watch one right after another.

Our Home Movie Theater, with the lights on.
The amazing Home Movie Theater...It's awesome!
Saturday we went and helped set up for a boutique our church was having and then went back to tear down. I found a Christmas present that I just can't wait for the receiver to open! I can't talk about the gift or the details because the person whom it's for reads my blogs. But I can't express how excited I am about this gift and how I know she's going to love it! Yipeee for church boutiques! Are there any gifts you have that you can't wait to give??

In between going back and forth to church, I worked on decorating our home for Christmas. It's such a big job and for some reason this year, it's taking me forever. Course it didn't help that our family room was extremely dark, we put a dark flat sheet up over the sliding door so as to not interfere with the viewing of the Star Wars Marathon. And I kept sitting and watching here and there. I got some decorating done, but not all of it.

Saturday evening, we went to our friends house for an informal dinner and to check out a birthday present, Rockband for the Wii. Um, yeah, if there were any doubts before last night about whether or not I had any desire to get that game, those doubts are gone now. I don't want it, and I would prefer not to have my family get it. LOL. The drums alone are enough to drive you nuts. But the boys had a lot of fun playing it, over and over and over again. Today, was church. And then following church, I've been working on decorating some more. The tree is completely done. The girls put the ornaments on this afternoon. Last year was the first year I let them put all the ornaments on themselves and they love it! I had to move a few up, out of harms way, and they had to be told to fill in a few holes, but other than that, they had fun and now our tree is decorated and shinning beautifully with wrapped presents beneath. Pictures to come later. The rest of the house is slowly, but surely getting there. I'll have it completely done tomorrow.

But for now, it's time to end this last post of the month and go enjoy a cup of peppermint hot chocolate and enjoy the brightness of the family room from our shinning tree!


Liz said...

ah, come on. Tell me about my present! (ha ha!)

Love ya....our weekend is winding down, too. :(

Darcy said...

LOL. You're too funny! But I'll take a picture of what I'm talking about and email it to you! :)


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