Friday, September 16, 2016

Work for Hire

The girls are getting older and there are opportunities arising for them to be more social, go places, do things. Translation: money is usually needed.

Last month, we let Hannah drive to a friends house on a Friday afternoon. Because her friend is always treating her to Starbucks, Hannah wanted to reciprocate. Thus, a $10 stop off at Starbucks. There's a possibility she could have her own car in the next few months, thus she'll need gas money.

Last week, on the day Rachel get's out for minimum day, she wanted to go to the local yogurt shop because that's where all the kids go on minimum day. I dropped her off and ran to the grocery store just a block away. But her yogurt cost money. I see more opportunities arising for her to be social as well.

We've never given our kids an allowance. There are just certain things you do when you're part of a family (dishes, cleaning rooms, cleaning their bathroom, things like that).

Our kids also lack for nothing. They each have a working iPhone (Rachel's is a hand me down), they each have an iPad and/or laptop, we buy things for them. We go places together, go to the movies, out to eat, treats here and there, etc.

But I got to thinking with all these opportunities arising to be social, why not make them work a little bit. Therefore I created a "Work for Hire" Board.

I'd see the idea on Pinterest and made ours to fit our family. I first wrote out a list of jobs I wanted done, and then attached a monetary value to it. I made a list of jobs not eligible for pay (their normal everyday/weekly chores), as well as even included an extra advertisement in the corner of someone else with "work for hire" jobs (Gramma!!) and then I printed it all out. And finally I went to the bank and got enough cash to cover the jobs so that the girls could be paid upon completion. With Hannah, she has the option of taking the cash, or I can transfer funds to her debit card.

I put it all together yesterday and it hangs in our laundry room. Hannah spotted it. I don't know if Rachel has yet. With the weekend upon us, perhaps there might be some little worker bees about our home!! 

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