Monday, May 23, 2011

The End is Quickly Coming

The end of the school year that is. The girls have only ten days of school left. Where has the 2010-2011 school year gone?? I feel as though it's flown by!

Teacher request letters were turned in months ago, but this morning, I found out that the teacher whom I requested for Rachel, is moving down to first grade! I cannot tell you how bummed I was upon learning this. I've been waiting three years since Hannah finished out her school year with this teacher for us to be able to work with her with Rachel. She is a wonderful Christian woman who prays for her students daily. She always encourages me when we get the chance to talk, even if it is for five minutes in passing in the school halls, and she's become a treasured friend. I was so looking forward to Rachel having her, as was Rachel excited to be having her for a teacher as well.

But today, a little birdie told me there were lots of changes being made for the teachers and grade assignments for the new school year. All these changes coming in just the last few days.

After confirming the rumors I'd heard with our school principal, slowly, my sadness over not having this particular teacher began to fade and I started looking forward to the great opportunity of working with teachers I've not worked closely with before. I've written up a new teacher request for Rachel for 2nd grade and I look forward to working with whoever she gets as her 2nd grade (:::WOW!:::) teacher.

The next ten days of school are very busy ones. Tomorrow I have a Box Tops contest ending. And over night, I have promised to notify the contest winning teachers, and then will announce the winners of the Year Long contest on Thursday. We have reward play days coming up, Magnet Open House on Wednesday, Perfect Attendance lunch and assembly, and year end parties! I have a feeling the next ten school days are going to go by just as quickly as the entire school year did!!!

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