Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Break

Ahhhh. Spring Break 2011 is upon us and it feels great!!!

The weeks leading up to this week have been busy ones for me to say the least. I'm exhausted. Worn Out. Tired of running. And I think I need this Spring Break more than the girls do. LOL.

The past two days have found me sleeping me, lounging about in bed until close to 8:00. Course, the time change has helped make my sleeping in conditions great with it staying dark well beyond 6:00am. The girls, up earlier than they would be on a school day, of course! But I gave them the run down of the rules on Friday night, if you get up don't slam doors, there's no need for shutting the bathroom door all the way, and please shut my door...gently! Obviously my rules are working!

The weather has been absolutely beautiful. Bright, sunny days, temperature around 80 degrees. Perfect!

Yesterday, I cleaned Rachel's room, her dresser, and had her try on tons of hand me down clothes. Starting to rotate out some of the winter clothes and bring in more of the short sleeve shirts and some spring clothes. Also taking inventory of what the girl needs! I got a lot of little projects down around the house and it was nice to not have to go anywhere until mid afternoon, when I realized I needed to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy. But I did manage to drop off almost 3 bags of clothes in the Salvation Army drop off box that has been conveniently placed in the church parking lot just up the street! (Thank You Salvation Army!!!) This will make my donating all the more easier!

Today, the girls and I set out for Disneyland. I knew it was Spring Break season at The Disneyland Resort, the calendar and park hours, and entertainment schedule resemble it. However, I never thought it'd be as busy as it was today! We lasted only a few hours and then we came home. We were home by 1:30!! Hour long waits for rides only two hours after park opening, Fastpass return times of mid afternoon, yea...not good signs. So we came home.

The girls will be heading to their Gramie's house late Saturday afternoon, and staying until Thursday. They are excited to be going and spending time with Gramie. With school, and Rachel's surgery during our break in November, this will be the first that the girls have spent the night with Gramie since last summer. Gramie has to work part of the time at my in-laws shop, but the girls are looking forward to playing shop, and possibly going on Grandpa's route with him to his customers in the area.

It's that time of year to put on the "Princess Mommy DVD" as the girls so lovingly refer to our wedding video. LOL. Next week, Steven and I will celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary (which is why the girls will be at Gramie's house for so long). It's hard to believe it's been 15 years.

It wouldn't be March, or nearing our anniversary, if I weren't sick. I've had a cold/bronchitis thing for the last 3 1/2 weeks. As some family and friends might recall, I was really sick on our wedding day - strep throat and an upper respiratory infection. Made for fun times on a honeymoon! For our first few anniversaries I was always sick too. Good thing the vows said "In Sickness and in Health". There were lots of sick times to be had before healthy ones. LOL. I finally surrendered and went to the doctor last week and ended up with over $80.00 in prescriptions! Thankfully, I think I am officially on the end, and have had a few nights here and there whereas I wasn't up coughing.

Anyways, We are in full swing of vacation mode around here and it feels great!!!


Liz said...

I had to giggle when I clicked over to your blog. 2 reasons:

1. A few days ago I switched blog layouts. I tried this SAME one on mine but couldn't get it adjusted where I liked it, so I switched to the one I have now.

2. I see you had the same trouble I did finding a nice family-friendly Spring Break pic to use at the top of this post. I used this SAME one on my Spring Break post last week!

Darcy said...

I got the Spring Break graphic from your blog!! LOL. :X

Liz said...

That's hilarious!!


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