Sunday, March 20, 2011

Missing Gramma

March 11 marked nine years since my Gramma passed away. Sometimes it feels as though I miss her more NOW, than the years following her death. Maybe it's my age. Maybe it's the love and closeness I see that Hannah has for her Gramma (my Mom).

My life as a homemaker is influenced greatly by my Gramma. She taught my Mom a good majority of what she knew when it came to keeping house and cooking and baking. And thus, my Mom passed all that knowledge down to me.
Today, following church, we went to a Senior Apartment complex to have a lunch as part of our "Hands and Feet" ministry. I am really uncomfortable when it comes to these types of things. It is not within my comfort zone to sit and talk to complete strangers.

Hesitantly, after doing every possible job I could that excluded any interaction with people (wrapping hot dogs in foil, restocking desserts), the ministry coordinator asked a few of us women to fill in the spots at tables with some of the residents and talk and visit with them. I didn't chicken out completely, I found a table, a table whereas Steven was sitting. At least with him by my side, I had some comfort.

We sat across from three ladies. Each one different in their own way. Each with stories to tell.

But one lady stood out to me.

I had seen her upon our arrival. She was a tall, slender woman. With blonde/greyish hair, pulled back in a pony tail. I sat and I listened and participated in talking with them. This lady in particular was a fiery lady. She had spunk! She reminded me of my Gramma in so many ways. Right on down to the wrinkles around her lips from years of smoking. LOL.

When our lunch was over and they said their goodbyes and their need to leave (need to go have a drag outside. LOL), Steven commented about the ladies, I told him that the one reminded me of my Gramma. And he agreed. He had seen the resemblance as well. And then, the tears followed...because seeing that lady, added to my missing my Gramma.

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