Sunday, February 20, 2011

Book Signing with The Pioneer Woman

Early in January, Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, posted on her Facebook status that she'd be making a Los Angeles stop on her current book tour promoting her new book, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, a book based on her moving from Los Angeles, falling in love with a cowboy she'd met in a bar, and their romance story of dating and ultimate marriage, and her moving to a farm out in the middle of Oklahoma.

Unlike the location of her previous Los Angeles stop for her cookbook release last year, this Los Angeles location was doable. She would be at the Barnes and Noble store at The Grove in Los Angeles. I've been there plenty of times. I knew exactly where the location was. So I thought about going. As the day of her Los Angeles appointment drew close, I decided I'd just skip going. The book store was giving out wrist bands starting that morning at 9:30 and surely they'd all be given out by the time I could make it there later in the afternoon. So I decided to skip it.

The day of the book signing, as I sat in the car, waiting for the school bell to ring, my sister-in-law, Grace texted, asking if I was going to see PW. We decided that we'd chance it, we'd make the drive in to Los Angeles and see if we could meet Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, aka PW. We'd both been fans for years. Following her blog, making her recipes.

Within 30 minutes, we met up and were on the road to L.A. Talk about spontaneous!

We arrived to the bookstore to discover we'd missed wrist bands by half an hour, but it was okay, PW had agreed to stay until every book was signed, every fan had been greeted. We bought our books and eventually made our way into a stand by line. After standing in line for over 3 hours, we got to meet a woman whom we'd grown to know and love through the internet. She was exactly how she came across on her blog, just as we'd seen on TV segments, she was friendly, funny, and knew approximately how far we'd traveled when we told her where we were from. LOL. I'm glad we decided to go. It was nice to hang out with my sister in law for such a long time, having uninterrupted conversations without our girls around. LOL. Now I look forward to reading my new book!

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